Eccentric Training: Increase Size & Strength in 3 Weeks

We all want continuous gains in our bodybuilding, gains in size, muscularity and strength. But, often we hit a plateau, that point where our workout routine is getting few, if any results.

The main point is to make radical changes in your whole workout routine. Change the exercises you do for each muscle group. Change the weights, and change your whole approach to the exercises themselves.

The changes will shock muscles into response. New weight amounts will stress the muscles in a different manner. Change should be a normal condition of any workout regimen.

Over a period of about three months, muscles get conditioned to a particular weight and exercise, so every three months plan to change your entire routine to new exercises for the same muscle groups.


Positive and Negative Parts of an Exercise


An exercise movement is comprised of a positive move, moving the muscle to full contraction, and a negative move, the act of returning to the starting position and thereby relaxing the muscles. Returning to the start position of any exercise without offering serious resistance to the weights is a grievous mistake.

Most intermediate bodybuilders neglect to perform the negative side of the exercise. Even some advanced bodybuilders give it short shrift. It is commonly known among the bodybuilding elite that the negative side of the exercise will produce more size and strength than the positive side. To obtain the most benefit from any exercise, the negative side of the movement should be performed strictly and slowly.

An eccentric approach to your workouts is to incorporate negative sets for every muscle group. Negative sets require a workout partner who is as dedicated as you are. Have your workout partner give an assist with the positive side, and then you very slowly return the heavy weight to the starting position.


Example One: Negative Bench-Press

Use a weight beyond your highest limit. Have your partner assist by a lift off the rack, and then you slowly lower the weight to your chest, resisting the move with all your strength. Your partner will be spotting you and will lift the weight back to the starting position. You will then repeat the negative side of the movement.

You should attempt to perform six to eight repetitions for three sets.


Example Two: Negative Dumbbell Press for Deltoids

Use a pair of dumbbells over your best weight. Clean them to your shoulders. Your partner will push up on your elbows to assist you in raising them overhead. Return to the starting position as slowly as possible.

Perform six to eight reps for three sets.


Example Three: Negative Bicep Curl

Use a barbell or easy-curl bar with a higher weight than your normal limit. Begin with your arms hanging down fully. Your partner will assist you in raising the bar to full contraction of the biceps. Return to the start position as slowly as possible.

Perform six to eight reps for three sets.


All exercises may be performed in a negative fashion with the help of a partner. Try three weeks of totally negative workouts for each body part, and you are sure to get past any sticking points. You will soon experience an increase in size and strength.

After three weeks, do at least one negative workout for every three times you work a muscle group. Your growth should continue accordingly.