Training for the Frequent Traveler: Don’t Let Your Fitness Lag

It is possible to travel on business and still get in your workouts. Those of us who travel for a living just have to get a little creative to keep up our training schedule. Of course you can’t expect to devote hours at a time to your routine. That’s why It really helps to know how to build more muscle in less time.


The options for an on-the-go workout are not endless


but there are enough of them so that you won’t miss a workout session. Short of carrying your own exercise equipment with you (kind of hard if you travel by air), you have to resort to one of the options that will give you access to a gym or health club.

Many hotels, particularly the major national brands, have exercise rooms. Usually, you can locate them near swimming pools and you can access them with your room key. These typically have enough equipment to give you a decent workout, especially when combined with simple body-weight exercises like push-ups, burpees and V-ups.

The better hotel fitness centers have a universal multi-station machine, a couple of treadmills and a stationary bike.

Some of them even have a rack of dumbbells. You can definitely get a good workout in these rooms. There is seldom more than one or two other people utilizing these facilities at one time so crowds aren’t a problem.

The less equipped hotel exercise rooms often only have some cardio equipment and little else. Instead, look for hotels that don’t have a fitness center but have an arrangement with a nearby health club.

A day membership is either paid by the hotel, or is available for a small fee to their guests (about the cost of one drink in the hotel bar and far better for you).

Another option is to locate a well-equipped health club near your hotel. Most of these will offer a day membership for around ten dollars. Some employers will allow this to be submitted on an expense report and a business expense.

One of the best options is the International Physical Fitness Association (IPFA). This is an organization with membership made up of commercial fitness centers, health clubs and gyms. Their members can access all of the clubs while traveling, usually at no cost. A current directory of partner locations is available for a small fee ($6).


What if there are no Gyms nearby?


Well, It is unlikely that your travels will take you to some remote location where there are no commercial clubs or fitness rooms available, that being the case, you can resort to all body-weight resistance exercises.

Do chair dips and push-up variations for your arms.

Sit-ups and core exercises may be accomplished by hooking your feet under the edge of the bed or dresser.

And your legs will always benefit from simple lunges and squats, which can be augmented by holding your suitcase or briefcase to add weight.

Your travel bag can easily hold some extra equipment for a minimal workout. A few enterprising companies have come up with chinning bars that will fasten sturdily into a doorway and push-up handles that can vary the resistance for chest, shoulders and arms.

At the very least, pack some elastic straps for curls and presses. These are also great for working your shoulders from all angles.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Your workouts should be as important to you while traveling as they are at home. There is no need for your fitness program to suffer while you are traveling as long as it stays high on your priority list.


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